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Real Estate Financing

A lasting investment in real estate

Empower your business growth with SME financing, backed by real estate guarantee. We assist you at every step to help you obtain the home, land or commercial building you desire, with up to 10 years of financing period.


Real State Financing Solutions for Businesses

Real Estate Financing in Ijarah
Step inside your ideal home with Ijarah Home Progr
Sale&Lease Back
Financing Against Real Estate Guarantee
Fuel business expansion with Real Estate-backed fi
Ijarah Construction Completion
Seamless completion financing for your constructio

We build your brighter tomorrow

Your gateway to affordable Shariah-compliant financial solutions for housing units and lands in Saudi Arabia. 


  • Financing Period is up to 20 years for ready units and 10 years for lands.
  • Available for Saudis and non-Saudis.
  • Sharia-compliant property insurance
  • Exemption in case of death, partial, or total disability.