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Real Estate Financing

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Step inside your ideal home with our flexible real estate financing options designed to turn your visions into reality.



    Approved by the Sharia authority.

    Financing Features

    Financing duration up to 30 years for ready units and 20 years for lands.


    No salary transfer required.


    Calculation of additional income (if applicable).


    Available for employees in the government sector, private sector, and commercial establishments.


    Sharia-compliant property insurance.


    Exemption in case of death, partial, or total disability.


    Property insurance in accordance with Islamic law principles.


    Exemption in the event of death, partial, or total disability.

    1. Calculate the Desired Amount
      Begin the fast financing process by calculating the desired cash you need.
    2. Fill and Submit the Application Form
      Fill out and submit the application form, providing the necessary information to initiate the financing process quickly and efficiently.
    3. Our Representative Will Be Happy to Contact You
      Our representative will be delighted to get in touch with you and finalize the financing details.
    4. Visit the Branch and Provide the Necessary Documents
      Gather the essential documents, including identification, proof of income
    Application Steps

    Fill out the financing application form


    Copy of national ID.


    Salary Certificate stamped by the Chamber of Commerce for the private sector.


    Authenticated bank statement for the last 6 months.


    Wage Certificate from GOSI for private sector.


    Copy of valid residency permit.


    The property must be within urban boundaries.

    Required Documents

    The property must be free from any legal encumbrances or lawsuits (mortgage, heirs, etc.)

    Required Documents

    Copy of the seller's ID.

    Required Documents

    Copy of the property title deed.

    Required Documents

    Copy of the building permit.

    Required Documents

    The combined duration of financing and the property's age should not exceed 40 years.

    Required Documents
    • Saudis: Available for both government sector employees and private sector employees in Saudi Arabia.
    • Non-Saudis: Restricted to individuals employed in the government sector or companies listed on the Saudi stock market.
    • A minimum salary of 3,000 Saudi riyals is required.
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    Your home ownership, financially supported by us


    We are dedicated to offering cost-effective, Sharia-compliant financial solutions to individuals aspiring to become homeowners and to commercial developers within Saudi Arabia.

    • Salary transfer is not required.
    • Available for Saudis and non-Saudis
    • The combined financing period and property lifespan should not exceed 40 years.
    • Calculation of any supplementary income (if applicable).

    *APR may differ depending on the amount and the crediting period


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    "Does the property have insurance coverage?" "Is there property insurance in place?"

    Yes, there is Sharia-compliant Takaful insurance that covers both the customer and the property, with exemptions in case of death or total disability, God forbid, and the transfer of the property directly to the heirs, according to the insurance coverage criteria.
    *Subject to terms and conditions.

    How does the company determine the property's value?

    The company assesses the property's value with the assistance of valuation companies that have been endorsed by the company.

    Do the required properties undergo an evaluation process?