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New Vehicles Financial Leasing

Hit the road in style without breaking the bank

Get a brand new car with our auto financing options
Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to the joy of hitting the road in style.  


Fast Financing in 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Calculate the Desired Amount
    Begin the fast financing process by calculating the amount you need.
  2. Fill and Submit the Application Form
    Fill out and submit the application form, providing the necessary information to initiate the financing process quickly and efficiently.
  3. Our Representative Will Be Happy to Contact You
    Our representative will be delighted to get in touch with you and finalize the financing details.
  4. Visit the Branch and Provide the Necessary Documents
    Gather the essential documents, including identification, proof of income, and any other necessary paperwork, to facilitate a seamless and efficient financing process.

Terms & Conditions

Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance is committed to making your vehicle ownership experience seamless and rewarding. We look forward to being part of your journey towards owning your dream car.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the financial leasing contract comply with Shariah principles?

ALJ United Finance commenced Shariah compliant lease program since 1994. Our services and products are constantly scrutinized and vetted by Shariah Board. For more information, you may check the Shariah Board Approval of our Lease to own product using the following link Shariah Board.

What is leasing?

A contract under which the Company retains the leased asset (ownership of the car) until the end of the contract and the payment of all staggered lease payments. The Guest has the right to use the car in exchange for agreed monthly lease payments to the Company. The Guest is entitled to own the car after paying of all payments and all the terms of the contract which includes the Residual Value, or the Guest can return the car to the Company at the end of the lease term if he does not wish to own it.

Can I take the vehicle outside the Kingdom during the lease term?

Yes , Terms and Conditions apply.