Consumer Product Financing

You can obtain electronics, home appliances and furniture by Murabaha for up to 3 years, which provided Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance Company.

* Conditions (For individuals):

  • The guest must be a government employee or the privet sector.
  • The guest’s monthly salary should not be less than 3000 SR.
  • The guest service period is not less than 31 days for government sector and 95 days for private sector employees.
  • Provide a Saudi national guarantor “Khafe” who works in the government sector or works in one of the major companies.
  • The liability of the guest’s obligations is consistent with the regulations.

Required documents (For individuals):

  • A recent salary letter certified by the responsible authority.
  • Bank statement for the last three months (in case the identification is not authenticated).
  • A copy of the national ID or a valid residence permit.
  • A copy of the social security certificate (for private sector guest).
  • Providing the same documents mentioned above to the guarantor.


Financing Results


Monthly Payment


Total Cost