Monthly payments, installment payments, monthly rents.

Comfortably Fast and Easy Payment through Sadad

In order to simplify Payment process, it is preferable to add the bill to SADAD system so that it will be included in the list of fixed Payment bills such as electricity and telephone bill

  1. To add an invoice, enter your bank account via one of the following available channels:
    • Phone
    • ATM
    • Internet

  2. From the channel main list, choose a new invoice or SADAD electronic payment system (naming might be different from one bank to another)

  3. Choose the company name from payee list or enter the number of the invoice in the specified space:
    • Payee name: ALJUF or Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance
    • Billing number (065)

  4. Enter your account number in SADAD system (invoice number):
    • The 15-digit account number contains the branch number and your contract number
    • You can get your invoice number by contacting us or visiting one of our branches

  5. Invoice payment:
    • Name the invoice as you wish after that save it
    • It will appear in the list of required invoices periodically including the required amount


  1. After adding the invoice in SADAD system successfully To complete the payment process, enter your bank account via one of the available channels:
    • Phone
    • ATM
    • Internet

  2. From channel options main list select invoice payment or SADAD system (it might be differ from one bank to another)

  3. From list of invoices, choose an invoice:
    • Based on the chosen name when adding the invoice in the first step

  4. Choose the amount you want to pay:
    • Total required amount will be highlighted and you can choose either to pay the full or partial amount
    • You can also choose to pay in advance and the minimum required value is 500 SR

  5. Payment process confirmation:
    • Through the implementation of payment or continuation
  6. Payment notification:
    • An immediate notification massage will be received through registered phone number
    • The payment will be recorded immediately in our systems
  7. Account statement:
    • You can view your account by registering on our website here